Our job hunting tips

Thinking about job seeking? Are you sure you have considered all the angles? Are you using all the channels available?
Here’s a short checklist to help you make sure that everything is taken into account.

1. Determine your professional goals

Your own professional goals should always be the starting point for your career planning. With clear goals, you can target your job search properly. Consider your competencies, strengths, what are your interests, previous experience, etc.

2. Chart the employment situation in the field of your choice

Start by writing down the companies that operate in the field you have chosen. Also check which companies are currently recruiting. A clear and realistic picture of the current job market and offers makes job seeking much easier.

3. And then begin the hunt

It is said that job seeking is, in fact, self-marketing, and it is true that you need to market yourself as a good employee. Pay special attention to your job application and CV, since the first impression of you is often built and based on these documents. There are hundreds of good tips on the Internet, so make use of them! Have the finished application documents read by a few people and ask for their opinion. Fix any typing errors and spelling mistakes they may point out.

4. Be yourself in the job interview

It is important to prepare for the job interview beforehand. Find out more about the company and go through your application. Prepare an answer to the question why you are the right person for the job. Also prepare some questions for the interviewer – to show that you are genuinely interested in the company.

During the interview, remember that communication takes place all the time. A firm hand shake accompanied by eye contact is a good start. Speak clearly and retain a positive attitude throughout the interview, even if faced with difficult questions.

In job seeking, you need to be active and take the initiative. You can and should develop your job seeking skills. Read the job seeking tips and rules available on these pages.

5. Be active and soldier on!

Job seeking is often a long process, so do not lose your courage. You have to work to achieve your goals. Think whether you would be ready to except work outside your field of choice or work under a fixed-term contract – these often lead to a permanent job opportunity.

Use multiple job-search channels. Consider which service provides the most effective way to reach the employers you are interested in. Besides the Employment and Economic Development Office, utilize the Internet, social media, recruitment events and fairs, friends and acquaintances, as well as former colleagues and relatives. Also, contact the companies directly – send an open application or request a meeting.